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Pasadena though most well known for the tournament of roses hosted every year is also home to many cultural amenities, fine dining and top retailers. For these reasons it is clear why Pasadena is dubbed the crown of the valley. Pasadena, ca also offers an ideal climate for business to develop and prosper. With its business friendly laws, convenient freeway access, and high quality of life it is no wonder why so many businesses have decided to take up residence in Pasadena. With such a wide range of companies doing business in Pasadena there comes a strong need for laser printer repair in Pasadena. Since Laserzone inc Printer Repair began operating nearly 20 years ago we have been providing printer repair and service to Pasadena. Our printer service technicians provide repair for many brands including Brother laser printer repair, Dell laser printer repair, Lexmark Laser printer repair, and HP laserjet printer repair, and hp designjet plotter repair. Many of the companies that we provide authorized technicians to extend across all major markets including accounting, legal, health care and educational to name just a few. At Laserzone inc we offer a wide variety of printer repair services including simple break fix solutions, annual maintenance agreements, as well as managed print services. A great example of how companies can save when they choose laserzone inc and our managed print services can be found below

It was in 2005 when a large educational facility had approached Laserzone Inc to help consult on their out of control printer costs. It is estimated that unmanaged print costs can soar as high as 1-3% of a corporation’s annual gross. That is scary and this facility knew that they desperately needed to take a closer look at exactly what they were spending on to manage and operate their print environment. At Laserzone our service and sales technicians are trained to provide in depth audits and provide detailed analysis on such environments. When our analysis was complete what we discovered was nothing short of what everyone was expecting. This company was hemhoreging cash. Their current print environment was operating numerous brands including dell printer, hp laser printer, Lexmark printer, and brother printer. Also sprinkled into the mix were many officejet and inkjet printers. They were currently utilizing nearly 4 printer repair service centers to simply repair these devices. On top of that they also did not have a single channel for printer supplies. Over the course of the year they had utilized nearly 7 companies to get their supplies from. It was a very tall task, but one that Laserzone Inc has proven to strive in over the years. After many hours of strategic planning we were able to consolidate and streamline all authorized service and supplies through one channel. By simply doing this costs were cut by nearly 40%. When companies harness buying power they are able to drive the prices down and this is exactly what was done. Not only were costs cut, but the overall time associated with placing service calls and managing exactly how to deal with a wide host of manufacturers was cut by nearly half. All said and done both Laserzone Inc and this educational facility could not have been happier with the overall results.

This is just one of many of the success stories that we have had when dealing with companies and their unique printer repair and service needs. When you are ready to cut costs and get your printer fleet in order call laserzone inc printer repair today. Some of the many office buildings Laserzone provides service to are as follows

790 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91101

1055 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91106

Lake Corson Building 
301 N Lake Ave, 
Pasadena, CA 91101-5113

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