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West Los Angeles, ca often times simply referred to as West LA, or the Westside is a large district located in Los Angeles county. West Los Angeles or West LA is an affluent area of Los Angeles that comprises mostly young professionals and single families. West LA is bordered by Santa Monica on the West, Brentwood, CA on the North, Rancho Park on the East and Mar vista on the South. West Los Angeles is home to many thriving businesses including financial institutions, health care institutions, governmental agencies as well as educational to name a few. Laserzone Inc has more or less called West Los Angeles home for the last 20 years. With such a dedicated presence it is little surprise the number of West Los Angeles printer repair success stories we have shared with companies in the area. Those printer repair West LA solutions have ranged from break fix brother printer repair, Dell printer repair, Xerox printer repair, and of course HP Laserjet printer repair. Though we have quite a collection of successful requests in the realm of break fix we have also provided many West La companies solid managed print service repair solutions. In many cases the companies are those that have 20 or more printers and are looking to consolidate their repair and service with printer supplies. This not only can give West Los Angeles companies buying power equaling savings, but it also allows them to dramatically reduce the amount time that a company is dedicating to managing the environment. With that being said we have implemented many managed print services in West LA. One example can be found below.

A Large Financial institution in West Los Angeles, with a total printer fleet of nearly 50 printers had requested some information regarding managed print services. As it stood this company had been under the impression that their costs were soaring while the level of service they were receiving was doing the opposite. They had summoned one of our HP certified and authorized managed printer service center technicians to visit the environment and take a full audit on their current standings. When our Authorized HP printer technician arrived on site we collected all pertinent information pertaining to the environment including all service charges, toner and related supplies charges, as well as the time dedicated to billing and service support. After having collected all the necessary info we compiled it and put together a black and white analysis showing the costs of what they were currently incurring and what the costs would be if they chose the Laserzone Inc printer repair managed print services solution. What we were able to deliver was very encouraging. Simply by consolidating the purchase of service and supplies through one channel we were able to cut costs by nearly 30%. We also implemented our HP remote management software, which allowed us to virtually eliminate the need for IT involvement. This is simply one of many viable and cost effective solutions of printer repair West LA service center solutions that we have provided over the years.

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