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Chatsworth Printer Repair

Chatsworth Printer Repair


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The city of Chatsworth is part of the unincorporated lands that make up northern Los Angeles County in the northwestern San Fernando Valley. Chatsworth has been the location for many film and television productions as well as the current home of numerous mainstream production offices. Some other current businesses based in Chatsworth are: 3M Corporation, Girl Scouts, Capstone Turbine, Hydraulics International, and Lamps Plus. Laserzone has been providing printer repair and management service to this region for years and continues to maintain excellent working relationships with many businesses in this region. 

The administrative offices of a large manufacturing business in Chatsworth was searching for a new managed print service that could provide service for their printers including: Dell, Brother and HP laserjet as well as providing all of the print supplies that might be needed for all of their printers. They realized that it would be easier to go through one service for all their print needs. If they could bundle their print repair service and their print supply materials provider they could probably reduce costs and also reduce the amount of time that they would spend managing their printer fleet. When this company contacted Laserzone we let them know that we could definitely provide this kind of comprehensive service. We made an appointment to have one of our certified technicians to visit their Chatsworth offices and take a complete audit of their printer environment. We would gauge usage rates and evaluate other factors to determine their total cost of printing. While conducting this evaluation Laserzone was also able to uncover some extremely inefficient print flow practices that this company had in place. It was clear that they had been using their high cost single function devices for the bulk of their work load while under utilizing some of their lower cost, higher volume printers. All we had to do was show them how to re-route some of these print jobs to help them cut costs by almost 35%. After this Laserzoneset up a supply ordering system and  was able to cut their supplies costs by an additional 25%. The last stage of our initial visit to their office was to install our HP managed print software. This allows us to see usage reports on a regular basis to anticipate any problems and schedule maintenance so that printer downtime can be avoided in almost every case. We were able to reduce their overall print costs by nearly 50% and cut the time they needed to devote to their printer needs by 90%.
This is merely one example of many of the value added hp printer repair and services we provide to Chatsworth businesses. Some of the many office buildings we provide service to can be found below.

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