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Agoura Hill Printer reapir service


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Agoura Hills is an affluent city in the northwestern corner of Los Angeles, California. The Chumash Indians were once the beneficiaries of this beautiful landscape and subsequently many other settlers have enjoyed its natural beauty. While not a major center of commerce, there are several lucrative industries that call Aguora Hills it's home. Laserzone has built a great relationship with local business and corporate offices in the area over the years and here is one story that shows how our print service has benefitted the local business community.

A mid sized Financial Institution needed to establish a new printer repair and supplies service provider after their corporate heads had determined that printer repair and service was to be handled primarily by the branch offices. This situation had them desparate to find the most affordable and comprehensive solution to all of their print service needs. At the time they were working with Brother printers, Dell Printers, Canon printers, Lexmark printers and HP Laserjet printers. Because of this they were overwhelmed by the prospect of having to  order print supplies through nearly 4 different vendors and find a repair service that could handle all of these printer. These guys needed help and fortunately for them they found us quickly. We thrive in these situations as we service all of these printers and have solutions ready to go for just such scenarios. The first thing we did was to set up a site visit for the following day to evaluate the entire print environment and look for any consolidation opportunities. We arrived at their offices the next day and immediately found numerous opportunities to improve their print flow. One of these solutions included introducing a few HP Laserjet MFP printers in the place of their other printers. This way we were able to cut the number of printing machines from 35 down to 15. This way we got them closer to a standardized printer fleet and, at the same time, cut their total cost of printer usage and management by running print jobs through their higher volume, lower cost devices. Our steps helped them to reduce cost per page, make ordering supplies more manageable and rest easy knowing that their print fleet was being regulated and maintained by one service.  All these steps combines allowed them to devote 50% less time to their printer conncerns. 

This is just one of many examples of Laserzone printer repair being able to implement creative and cost cutting solutions for our Aguora Hills clients. Some of the office buildings that we provide printer repair and service to are as follows

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