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Monrovia Printer Repair | LaserZone Printer Repair Team of Technicians

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Just at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountians just east of Pasadena lies Monrovia, California. It has a had a long history of being the home to thriving businesses including:  Original Tommy's, Green Dot, Trader Joe's and Naked Juice and Monrovia is reportedly the home of the original McDonald's restaurant. Today Monrovia also has a "Technology Corridor" with companies such as, Aerovironment, Tanner Research, Parasoft, Xencor, and ITT Deep Space Division. Laserzone has developed a great relationship with many of these thriving businesses. Over the last several years there have been many instances where Laserzone was instrumental in reducing the print management costs of Monrovia area businesses but one such example sticks out because of it's wide sweeping success. 

A large transportation technology company sought us out because they needed someone to handle the repair needs of all of their printers including Dell, Brother and HP laserjet as well as provide all of the supplies orders for each. They understood that they could save a lot of time and hassle by consolidating their repair service with their print materials supplier. They could not only seriously reduce overall costs, but also reduce the amount of time that their IT and administration departments had to spend managing their print fleet.  So, when this company called us we immediately began the consultation process by dispatching one of our certified and authorized technicians to take a complete audit of their document production environment. This process not only included examining their current usage rates but also provides a breakdown of what their total cost of ownership is. After evaluating their print environment Laserzone uncovered some major shortcomings in their current print flow and service request model. Fvirst of all this company was relying far too heavily on high cost, single function devices for much of their work, while many of their lower cost, higher volume printers weren't being used as much. By simply re-routing some of their print jobs we cut this company's costs by nearly 35%. We didn't even have to replace any machines.  We took their existing print fleet and re-worked their printer drivers and re-routed some of their software. After we had streamlined their printer supply ordering process and Laserzone was able to cut their supplies costs by an additional 25%. The last stage of our print system overhaul was to install our HP managed print software, which wpould supply us with usage reports  to cut down on unnecessary printer downtime by identifying the most efficient way to supply ongoing maintenance. When all of this had been done we were able to reduce overall costs by about 50% as well as reducing the time they needed to allot to managing their printer repair and service environment by 90%.

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