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Burbank, Ca, known as the media capitol is home to 3 major studios including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., and NBC's West Coast Headquarters. While still maintaining its small town feel Burbank has experienced major business growth over the past several years. With a significant amount of business growth there has come a substantial need for Burbank hp printer repair. Laserzone is proud to have been supplying Authorized laserjet printer repair technicians to Burbank for the past 15 years. Being a Burbank laser printer repair service center we have catered to many of the studios hp printer service needs as well as many health care, accounting, graphic design to name a few. Our services though do not stop there with our Burbank printer repair extending across all major vertical markets and all printer manufacturers including hp printer repair, brother printer repair, and dell printer repair. One example of our expertise in helping companies reduce costs and time towards printer repair was found with a particular movie studio


We were approached a number of years ago by a particular branch of a large movie studio that felt they were bleeding cash in the particular area of printer repair, printer maintenance and printer supplies. They came to Laserzone inc with the hopes of finding a solution to reduce those associated costs. By contacting us we sent out one of our managed print services experts to take a full audit on their current document output environment. What we found was what we typically find in office environments where printers have been ignored: Over utilized high cost printers, under utilized lower cost devices, multiple manufacturers, and many single function devices. When you put all the above together as one you unfortunately get the perfect storm of document output mayhem. It was our job and our expertise to devise a solution to consolidate, and in turn reduce costs and dedicated time to managing this printer fleet. The printer fleet was comprised of nearly 90 of the aforementioned devices. After laserzone printer repair was involved we were able to re-allocate devices, consolidate, and ultimately trim that number to 45 devices. We streamlined the brother and dell printers to one major brand which was HP. Many of the single function devices were eliminated and replaced by multi-function printers. This helped to reduce the overall cost per page on these as well as to reduce the time needed to perform daily functions. After our services were completely allocated we cut this Burbank companies laser printer repair costs by nearly 50% and reduced overall allocated time by 5 service calls a week. 
This was just one of many success stories that Burbank companies have had when utilizing our laser printer repair services. Call us today and see how this Burbank laserjet printer repair company can help you.


Some of the many business that we provide printer repair service to are as follows

3400 W Olive Ave
Burbank, CA 91505-5539

3601 W Olive Ave
Burbank, CA 91505-4693

300 E Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

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