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About Us

1) About Us

Entering our 29th year of service to the Southern California area, Laserzone inc has established itself as the premier choice for all printer related needs.  With our unique fully equipped service vehicles are techs are standing by in your local area to respond to a service call within 2-4 hours.  Want to bring your printer to us instead?  Our in-house service center is conveniently located by the 405 and 110 freeways in the heart of Torrance, CA.  Whether in need of printer service, printer supplies or printer sales, Laserzone is your one stop shop for all. 

2) Client Base

At laserzone we understand that each vertical market has unique needs.  With adopted techniques from the industry leader HP we have built up a very impressive client base of Fortune 500 companies ranging from some of the top 50 Legal, Financial and medical institutions, many Southern California educational and governmental agencies, as well as the entertainment industry. 

4) Printer Fleet Management

Did you know that printing costs can run as high as 1-3% of a companies gross and that most people do not even know their true printing costs.  At the forefront of Laserzone’s services is its ability to locate printer fleet inefficiencies and offer solutions that have in the past saved companies as much as 60% off of their current printing costs.   We have even been able to save companies enough money to actually preserve jobs.  At the core of our Printer fleet management is the award winning HP Web Jetadmin software which will optimize printer utilization, minimize operating costs and streamline printing supplies management.  Join Laserzone’s winning team and start saving today.  

4) Environment

With the ever increasing need to be environmentally conscientious we have taken an industry leading role in significantly reducing our carbon footprint.   It can take thousands of years for a toner cartridge to decompose in a landfill.  By adopting a 100% zero Landfill initiative recycling program we guarantee that not one toner will ever end up in a landfill.  Our recent deployment of energy saving Hybrid vehicles has cut our fuel consumption by up to 50% per vehicle thus even further reducing our carbon footprint.  Our many other corporate wide initiatives from responsible packaging and smart recycling proudly sets us at the forefront of eco friendly practices.

5)Technical Competency

As a HP business partner we have adopted many of the practices that have distinguished HP as the industry leader.  All of our technicians are trained and certified which puts our customers at ease knowing that not only will their printing and imaging products be repaired swiftly but more importantly done right the first time.  By carrying a large inventory of parts and supplies our technicians will nearly always be equipped with everything needed to get the job done right and even more importantly get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Still have questions?  We have a highly trained staff of account service representatives standing by to answer any questions you still may have. 

7) Contact Us

Need some assistance? 
Call 800.610.5610 and we’ll answer all your questions, or email

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