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Park.  Since its inception with a population of only 20,000 people Gardena, ca has not only seen its population boom, but also its business community.  Attracting all vertical markets including health care, governmental, financial, and technology there has been a strong need for HP authorized printer repair service center and certified printer technicians.  Laserzone Inc printer repair is located within 10 miles of Gardena, and has been easily meeting those requests for nearly 20 years.  We provide HP Laser printer repair Gardena, Brother printer repair Gardena, as well as Dell printer repair Gardena.  Through the years we have successfully helped many companies manage their printer fleets.  Once such success story can be found below.

We were approached by an aerospace manufacturer with roughly 55 high-volume printers and 10 medium volume MFP’s. They felt they were currently spending too much on their printing and supplies while at the same time not receiving the quality of service they deemed necessary to practically operate.  What this Gardena company currently had going for them was that there was a consistency of printer manufacturers being used.  The high volume printers were HP laserjet printers and the all in one devices were HP Laserjet MFP’s.  In many situations companies will use single function devices like brother fax machines and dell printers coupled with HP laser printers.  What this creates is a larger inefficient printer fleet that many times will need the assistance of multiple vendors to manage.   Though this was not the case with this Gardena Aerospace company, they still were being grossly overcharged for their services and needed a better solution ASAP.  When a company such as this Gardena company contacts us we send out a certified representative to perform Quickview audit that will not only take a complete inventory of everything that they have, but will also compute a total coast of ownership for the entire printer fleet.  After performing this audit we are able to perform a black and white cost analysis between the two, making the decision extremely straight forward for the user.  So what was found after our audit?  While the printer fleet itself was efficient, the costs were terribly out of control.  By wrapping up the printer service and printer supplies into our streamlined operating channel we could cut the TCO of ownership by nearly 40%.  On top of that we would be able to reduce the turnaround time from a printer service request to a printer service repair by half from 8 hours to 4 hours.  This gardena company had hit a home run by choosing Laserzone Inc.  This is merely one example of many printer repair success stories that we have offered Gardena, ca companies.  Some of the many office buildings that we provide service to are as follows.

1225 W. 190th Street , Gardena, ca 90248
879 W 190th Street, Gardena, ca 90247
1025 W 190th St, Gardena, ca 90246

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