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Huntington beach, ca the city that has been said defines southern California.  This is the city that dominates the coasts with 8.5 miles of uninterrupted beaches and some of the most consistent waves in the state.  Though there is a preserved mellow beach environment there are as well many businesses that thrive through hard work and dedication.  Many of the businesses that operate in Huntington beach are legal firms, accounting firms, governmental, educational and healthcare.  With such a strong business presence comes the need for Printer repair service centers in Huntington beach.   Whenever Laserzone printer repair has responded to a printer service call in Huntington beach our technicians always arrive with a smile.  Its hard not to given the climate that makes Huntington beach so special.  We have had a strong presence servicing brother printers, providing dell printer repair, as well as HP Laserjet printer repair.  Though break fix printer service has been a staple of our presence in Huntington Beach we have also incorporated many contractual service visits that have dramatically lowered companies printer service expenses as well as the time associated with managing print environments.  One such example can be found below.

A Large surf board manufacturing company had contacted Laserzone printer repair a couple of years ago to help with their growing and out of control printer fleet.  As it stood the devices that they were using varied from Brother printers, Lexmark printers, Canon printers, and HP laserjet printers.  The printers that were being used were done so in good faith, but much to difficult for one company or department for that matter to handle.  Though Laserzone printer repair is the exception, it is difficult for most printer repair service centers to support different manufacturers.  That being said this company was contracting 3 different printer repair and service vendors to manag their printer fleet.  That alone was terribly overwhelming as one could imagine, not only for placing service requests, but also for billing.  This company needed a universal one stop solution, to help control the hemoreghing that was taking place.  After setting up a consultation with one of Laserzone’s authorized print management technicians, we conducted a full audit of this companies document output environment.  Though this process seemed invasive it was quite the opposite.  In under an hour our laserzone technicians were able to draft a proposal that consolidated their printer fleet by nearl 36%.  This process enabled us to cut out many of the unnecessary brands that were being used so as to streamline the process.  On top of this Laserzone printer repair was able to funnel all of their supplies ordering through one consolidated channel.  When it was all said and done we were able to cut down their annual printer and service costs by almost 40% and overall management time by over half.  

This is one of many different success stories that Laserzone printer repair has accomplished in Huntington beach.  Some of the many office buildings we provide Huntington Beach printer repair and service to are as follows

7755 Center Avenue 11th Floor, Huntington Beach

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