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Alhambra, ca incorporated on July 11, 1903 is located in the western San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. The top employers of Alhambra range from utility companies, to educational and finally retail. Alhambra is conveniently located 8 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and is home to a diverse range of ethnicities. With the presence of many large business and corporations there has also been a strong demand for printer repair Alhambra service centers. Over the years Laserzone Inc printer repair has provided a range of services for local Alhambra companies, including the servicing of Brother printers and Brother multi-function devices, HP laserjet printers as well as HP laserjet MFP printers, Dell printers and faxes, and finally many Xerox printers. Not only has laserzone inc printer repair provided break fix services to these local companies, but we also have constructed many tailored managed all inclusive programs. Many of our managed services have been geared towards Alhambra companies that have more than 20 devices. Companies that have more than 20 devices often times run into a myriad of problems, from attempting to manage multiple service and supply vendors, allocating too many resources to the upkeep of a fleet, and finally loosing hold over the total cost of ownership. As you can see there is a lot to keep track of and as a printer fleet grows so do the associated strains of management. This is where Laserzone Inc printer repair has benefited so many Alhambra companies. Over the years we have accumulated many different printer repair and service success stories in Alhambra. One of those can be found below.

1 year ago a larger Alhambra financial institution had contacted Laserzone Inc printer repair in search of a managed print service to not only help them get their costs in check, but to also reduce the amount of time that IT was spending managing these devices. It was estimated that they were spending roughly 2% of their operating costs on printing while they were spending nearly 20% of IT time to simply manage. After the consultation was set, Laserzone Inc dispatched one of our HP authorized certified technicians to take a full audit of the environment. While the printer environment was running rather efficiently we did notice that they were spending an exorbitant amount on both printer supplies like toner and drums and belts and service. One of the reasons this was happening was due to the fact that they were not taking advantage of their overall buying power simply by channeling both service and supplies through one channel. This simple act would easily cut costs by nearly 35%. The next area of the fleet we took a closer look at was the amount of time that was spent dedicated to the actual management of these devices. With our HP monitoring software our hp trained and certified technicians are able to remotely monitor the fleet and actualize problems in real-time. This enables us to dispatch technicians immediately and reduces the amount of strain that was put on IT. Overall with Lazserzone inc printer repairs efforts we were able to reduce costs by 35% and virtually eliminate the need for IT involvement for the repair. This is merely one of many of our service success stories that we have for Alhambra printer repair and service. Some of the business locations that we provide hp printer repair service to are as follows.

333 East Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801

1219 E. Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801

1525 S. Garfield Ave, Alhambra, CA 91801

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