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Van Nuys is in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and home to about 100,000 people. Among other things it functions similarly to a "county seat" for the Valley, with its Government Center containing a branch of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Van Nuys police station, the Van Nuys offices for Los Angeles City Hall and the Van Nuys State Office Building.  As many documents need to be generated by the legal departments associated with these governmental affairs, Van Nuys has a particularly high demand for Printer repair and service including: Brother printer repair, Lexmark printer repair, Dell printer repair and HP Laserjet printer repair. We have been supplying our top notch printer repair service to the Van Nuys area for several years. One example of how we have superceded our clients expectations is detailed below. 

A medium sized Law Firm specialiazing in Intellectual Property made contact with Laserzone in search of a comprehensive managed print service to attend to the needs of all of their printers including Dell, brother and HP laserjet.  They needed to have their printers functioning properly and fully supplied with all necessary materials at all times to handle any document production that may arise. They knew from experience that they would save money and time by arranging these services through one company in an all inclusive managed print package. We explained to them that Laserzone would send out one of our certified and authorized technicians to take a complete audit of their office environment to examine their current usage rates and evaluate their cost of ownership. After going into their environment Laserzone was able to identify some key points of inefficient printer fleet management. This law firm had been using their higher cost, single function printers almost exclusively while higher volume printers were hardly being used.  We were able to reduce their print cost by 35% by simply advising the repriotization of their print flow. This kind of consultation is a standard part of our approach for optimizing printer drivers and software routing. Next we turned our attention to their printer supply ordering system and Laserzone was able to reduce their supplies costs by an additional 20%. As the last stage of our evaluation and rehaul of their print management we installed our HP managed print software, which allowed us to run usage reports and to   minimize  unnecessary downtime. In the end Lazerzone ended up reducing their print costs by over 50% and on top of that we reduced the time managing their printer repair and service environment by over 90%.

This little story is just one example of the many instances of progressive printer  service that we provide to the Van Nuys community. Some of the many locations we provide service to can be found below

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