HP laser 4200 13.20.00 paper jam on startup

Q:  I have an hp 4200 13.20 paper jam on startup.  The printer will not even go to ready or try to process a job.  Its after about 20 seconds or so of it doing its initial routine and then it will launch into a 13.20.00 paper jam.  I open the toner cartridge access lid and do not find anything stuck inside the printer.  Does this sound like a sensor that has gone bad and is causing my HP 4200 to go have a perpetual 13.20 paper jam. 

A:  It is extremely rare that a sensor would go bad in an hp laser 4200 printer or any printer for that matter.  More common though is that a sensor flag, that which triggers the sensor, is knocked out of place or that there actually is a small fragment of paper stuck in the sensor that you simply cannot see.  Checking the action of the sensor flags is the first place to start.  You want to make sure they move back and forth in an un impeded fashion.  You will also want to take some canned air and spray out each sensor.  This will dislodge anything that may still be stuck.  After doing both you will discover that either the sensor flag is causing your hp laser 4200 13.20.00 paper jam or that there was a stuck piece of paper.  The chances of a faulty sensor are extremely slim and therefore very unlikely. 


Q:  I Have an hp laser 4200 printer that is about 2 years old and started to get an 13.05.00 paper jam.  Every time the printer would print and jam the paper would get stuck right after the toner cartridge and just before the hp 4200 fuser assembly.  I tried swapping out a fuser assembly with another used one and it started to print just fine.  I compared the two 4200 fuser assemblies and could not find any distinguishable difference.  What can cause a fuser to show register an 13.05 paper jam?

A:  The most common cause of paper jams related to hp 4200 fuser assemblies are when the gears in the swing plate do not engage with the fuser properly.  When these gears are not engaging the fuser will not spin properly and therefore the paper will be unable to advance.  The other cause is that there is something stuck in the fuser and blocking the path of the paper.  Check the fuser gear and also visually inspect the swing plate assembly gear.  Doing so will most likely result in you discovering what is causing the hp 13.05 paper jam

Hp laserjet 4200 fuser


Q:  Our hp laserjet 4200 keeps jamming when we try to print.  Sometimes it will squeak a page or two out, but when it does it makes this horrible grinding clanking noise.  Whenever it jams there is no noise and the machine actually sounds quite good.  It seems so counter intuitive to assume that the printer when sounding good would paper jam and when sounding noisy and troublesome would actually print out a page. 

A:  It was very common for the hp laser 4200 fuser assemblies to break and cause paper jams.  The break would occur with the blue fuser clips that hold the fuser assembly in place.  The blue fuser clips keep the 4200 fuser assembly pressed snug against the swing plate gears.  If they are not held in place the pressure created between the two pushes the fuser away and in turn does not engage properly resulting in a paper jam.  Pull the fuser out and check the blue clips.  That will surely unveil the root of your 4200 fuser paper jam problem.



Q:  I have an hp laser 4200 printer with a ghost paper jam.  What I mean when I say that is the 4200 says paper jam 13.20 but I cannot find any paper in the printer.  The printer will start up like normal and then try to print a page out.  You can hear it clicking like it is working to pull the paper up, but then it just launches into a paper jam.  Does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening?

A:  The first thing one needs to try when diagnosing ghost paper jams or paper jams of any type for that matter is to test the printer from the tray 2 cassette and then from the tray 1 manual multi-purpose tray.  The different trays utilize different parts for advancing the paper along the paper path.  By using both trays you can help rule certain parts out which helps in the troubleshooting process.  It would be my guess that there is an issue with tray 2 and not the rest of the printer.  Try tray 1 if it prints fine, check the settings on the tray 2 paper cassette, if those are ok replace the separation and pickup rollers. 


Q:  I have an hp 4200 that is crumpling the paper when it prints.  Sometimes the paper will get jammed in the printer and sometimes it will exit, but the paper is crumpled and crunched up.  Upon a closer inspection of the paper it seems as though there is a black band going down the side of the page which has smudged print on it as well.  Is this a problem that anyone has heard of?

A:  Hp 4200 printers that crumple, crunch, crease the page are very common.  The fact that the print is smudged on the page leads me to believe that it is probably the hp laserjet 4200 fuser assembly causing this problem.  I would first start with a halfway test to see if the problem has occurred when it gets to the toner cartridge.  If it has not, which is most likely, replace the hp 4200 fuser assembly.  It is common that the fixing sleeve on the 4200 fusers tears which will result in a very similar problem. 


Q:  My hp laser 4200 will pull the entire stack of paper from the tray 1 and then paper jam.  I at first thought that the paper must have been stuck together so I went through each individual sheet and made sure that they were not.  Even after trying all this the pages would still magically stick together and then get paper jammed in the printer.  Do you have any idea why this would be happening?
A: hp 4200 pulling multiple pages from the tray 1 and paper jamming is a very common issue.  This happens with all manual feed printers.  The hp laser printers utilize a pickup roller and separation pad, that when working in conjunction with one another separate the individual page from the stack.  This is a simple repair that involves the replacement of the tray 1 separation pad and pickup roller assembly feed kit. 


Error code                                                               Description                                 

Hp 4200 Error 13.01.00

A 13.01.00 error message indicates that the media did not arrive at the pre-feed sensor (ps102) within the specified time

HP laser 4200 13.03.00

A 13.03 error message indicates that the media did not arrive at the top of page sensor (ps103) within the specified time

HP laserjet 4200 Error  13.02.00

A Jam exists in the top cover error.  A 13.02 error message indicates that the media did not pass the sensor (ps103) in time

HP laser 4200 Error 13.05.00

The error message 13.05 meas that the paper did not arrive at the fuser sensor (ps108) in the allotted time frame

HP 4200 Error 13.20.00

Error message 13.20 means the printer was turned on or that while the printer was trying to initialize one of  the sensors (ps103), (ps103) or (ps108) was detecting that there was media present

HP 4200 laserjet Error 13.21.00

13.21 error message means that the top cover open switch (sw101) was activated while a print job was printing meaning the top cover was opened or the switch is defective .

HP laser 4200 Error 13.06.00

13.06 error means hat a page is jammed near the output door

HP 4200 Error 13.12.00

A 13.12 error message indicates that there is paper jammed in the rear door

HP laserjet 4200 Error 13.12.07

Error 13.12.07 indicates that there is a paper jam in the staple cartridge or that the stapler did not finish stapling but was able to return to its original position

HP laser 4200 Error 13.12.08

13.12.08 error message indicates the output bin page-detection sensor has been active for longer than the specified time. 

HP 4200 Error 13.12.09

Error 13.12.09 message indicates that the stacker or stapler stacker paper inlet sensor has been active for longer than a specified amount of time

Error laserjet 4200 13.12.10

Message 13.12.10 on the display denotes a page did not arrive at the stacker or stapler stacker paper inlet sensor in the specified time

Error hp 4200 13.12.11

A jam was detected when the stacker or stapler stacker power was turned on

Error laserjet 4200 13.13.00

Error 13.13 means that there is a piece of paper stuck in the duplexer

Error hp 4200 13.1c.00

Error 13.1c.00 indicates a paper jam in the fuser.  This most likely means that there is a piece of paper wrapped around the fuser

Error laser 4200 13.98.00

Error 13.98.00 means the face up tray was opened when the printer was attempting to send a page to the duplexer.  A page shorter than 200 mm was sent to the duplexer




All error codes and jam descriptions are applicable for the following model and model number printers

Hp laserjet 4200


Hp laserjet 4200n


Hp laserjet 4200tn


Hp laserjet 4200dtn


Hp laserjet 4200dtnsl




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